Top 10 Paranormal Facts

The world of the paranormal is a strange and unusual place, with scientists trying to disprove and explain many paranormal events. Here is a collection of 10 amazing paranormal facts that are pretty hard to explain.

Steeped in history, many of the UK's castles have born witness to suffering, torture, executions and horrific deaths on an unparalleled scale. It is no surprise then that these castles are some of the most haunted places in the world.

For hundreds of years ghost stories have been told around the camp fire, and passed on from generation to generation. Ghost stories are often associated with the idea of hauntings, where supernatural entities are tied to places, people or objects.

Everyone has heard tales of haunted houses, but how many really live up to their reputation? From war-torn battlefields to abandoned asylums and ancient castles, here is our list of the top 10 most terrifying, haunted locations in the world.

Everyone asks the same question, what happens to us after we die? In the search for conclusive proof of life after death, nothing can be better than a ghost caught on camera. Here is our Top 10 of the most famous ghost photos ever taken. 

Think you know about the paranormal? Why not challenge yourself and take the Halloween quiz! We have 10 fiendishly difficult questions for you to answer. Good luck!