The Occult

One of the most famous re-incarnation case studies is that of Swarnlata Mishra. She was born to an intellectual and prosperous family in Pradesh in India 1948. From an early age she managed to recall many aspects of her former life correctly.

In America, a 6-year-old boy's claims were hailed by some as evidence for reincarnation. Friends of a 21-year-old navy pilot shot down during World War II are convinced that James Leininger has knowledge that suggets he was the pilot in a previous life.

The lives of President Kennedy and President Abraham Lincoln had so many parallels that it cannot be dismissed as pure coincidence. To many, these parallels are evidence of history repeating itself and evidence of reincarnation.

Have you lived before? The concept of reincarnation that our souls may experience many lifetimes over centuries, maybe even thousands of years, has been present in virtually every culture since ancient times.

I go to a very old school which used to be a convent. One night my friends and I decided to do a ouija board in some abandoned toilets on the top floor of the building. Not taking it very seriously, we began to laugh, curse and fool around.

This case involves Laura an 18-month-old girl. This is her mother's account: "Laura was instantly attracted to one of my friends. She didn't like many people, but she liked my friend Carrie. She often called her mommy and cried when Carrie would leave.