In 1986 the worst nuclear disaster the world has ever seen occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Abandoned for nearly a quarter of a century, witnesses believe that the spirits of those who died in the tragic accident still roam the town.

Flying Rods are cylindrical shaped objects that range from four inches to a hundred feet in length. They move in a wave like motion through the air and travel at extremely high speeds, barely visible with the naked eye, but they can be captured on film.

The Mothman is one of the strangest creatures to ever grace the annals of weirdness in America. Observers described the Mothman as a man-sized creature, with large reflective red eyes, large moth-like wings and a sign of impending doom.

The rugged, ancient landscape of the Carpathian Mountains that stretches through the Transylvanian plateau is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe.  This is the land of the vampire, an un-dead monster with a thirst for human blood.

Cannock Chase is a large densely woodland area which has become known as one the UK's most active paranormal hotspots. In recent times there has been reports of werewolves, UFO's and ghosts by the local residents.

Highgate Cemetery was constructed in 1839, but by the 1960's it had fallen into neglect and decay. Stories started circulating that the cemetery was haunted and newspapers started reporting England's first Vampire in over a hundred years.

The highland mountain ranges in Scotland are wild and magnificent places that attract many international visitors, but their slopes have a darker side that has terrified many people throughout the years. It is claimed that the mountains are haunted.

A series of unexplained incidents took place in the early 19th century at the Chase Vault, in the cemetery of the Christ Church in Oistins, Barbados. Each time the vault was opened to bury a family member, all coffins but one had changed position.

In a Liverpool backstreet in the autumn of 1904 a baying mob of over one hundred people rounded a corner to be confronted with one of the most terrifying paranormal figures in England's history, an apparition known as Spring Heeled Jack.

The Bermuda Triangle lies between the Cities of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale. People, ships and aicraft have been mysteriously disappearing off the face of the earth whilst travelling inside this triangle for hundreds of years.

When I was about 8 or 9, I was at a friends house, we were living on the Isle of White at the time. My friend lived in a big house just set back from the beach. We were playing with his star wars figures, and I noticed what I thought was a black cat.

I grew up in Berkshire near a village called Taplow, which was out in the countryside somewhat. At the bottom of the lane that I lived on was Hunt's wood. It is a fairly small area of woodland, probably no more than two kilometre's square.

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