Haunted Churches

With over 3000 people and 17 monarchs buried in the grounds, it is hardley surprising that a number of spirits have lingered on to haunt Westminster Abbey. The ghost of Father Benedictus is a common sighting at the Abbey.

Thundridge Church in Hertfordshire, some times known as Cold Christmas Church dates back to 1086, it was a private church sited on the local estate. In 1978 a terrified local woman reported a ghost army marching out of the church.

Christ Church Greyfriars was an Anglican church located on Newgate Street, opposite St Paul's Cathedral. Today only the spire remains. During Victorian times this Church was known as one of the most haunted buildings in London.

Me and a few friends have encountered an increasing number of somewhat inexplicable experiences in Hempnall's church of St Margaret and it's graveyard. After a number of paranormal sightings we decided to stay in the church overnight.