Avebury Lodge was once the home of Sir John Lubbock, First Baron Avebury, and a Gentleman who kindly invented Bank Holidays and owned much of the Stone circle. A former occupier believed Avebury Lodge to be the most haunted house in England.

Following his death in 1913, The Lodge passed to his wife who sold it along with the Avebury Henge and many village buildings and indeed, some surrounding land to Alexander Keiller the Marmalade heir. During WW2 the Lodge was the village machine gun post. In the 1990's Avebury Lodge was used as a recording studio and home to Composer Roger Bolton. In 2003, The Lodge opened its door as a Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast.

Avebury Lodge

Avebury Lodge is situated right in the middle of the stone circle, close to the Red Lion Pub which has its own ghosts. Surrounding the village is a myriad of Bronze Age and Neolithic sites. Amongst them Silbury Hill which archaeologists suggest as the largest man made hill in Western Europe and a 'pyramid' that pre-dates the sites of Egypt by 500 years. Silbury Hill is associated with two ghosts, the ghost of King Sil is also said to ride around the base of the mound on moonlit nights, and a headless apparition has also been seen at the base of the mound.


A former occupier believed Avebury Lodge to be the most haunted house in England. He claimed that The Lodge was home to a ghostly Georgian gentleman, children, a young woman and a voice that spoke in French. A spectral coach drawn by a team of four horses also haunted the area. Despite being a vegetarian B&B, the smell of frying bacon is reputed to occasionally fill the air. Noises smells and changes in temperature along with a reported manifestation of ectoplasm.