I think there are about three ghosts. The first is an old lady. I saw her in my aunt's room as I was coming up the stairs, and both my Aunt and myself where in the kitchen when we heard someone coming down the stairs.

I looked up from where I was sitting to see someone's legs, (the top half was obscured from where I was), coming down the stairs, my Aunt also heard it and went to have a look and saw no one, we where both like "Did you hear someone coming down the stairs?"

I've also been woken up in the middle of the night, (twice), to hear the sounds of someone muttering and opening and shutting doors - coming from my Aunt's room when no one has been in there. In my own room I remembered waking up in the middle of the night or early morning after hearing something muttering, a woman's voice rasped "Get up" - I leant over and turned on the light and the bulb went, my Aunt took a look at it the next day when another replacement bulb wouldn't work and said the fuse blew.

The second and third are not as clear - there is something in black which I have seen only once by my bed, she was wearing a black bonnet and a long black dress, she was reflected in the TV screen before she disappeared. The third is a white thing that is most commonly seen peeping at you round doors etc, usually you see it for a few seconds and then it disappears.

Another time my Aunt, my Grandmother and I where sitting in the kitchen when we heard the sound of something running up the stairs and a door upstairs slamming shut. As well as all of this, there's the usual - things get flung around, things come on and off, (most notably my TV when I was telling my Aunt about the ghosts, (she doesn't believe that there are any ghosts there), I pushed the volume down button and the TV went off). Taking a look at the remote control, the volume isn't anywhere near the off/on switch, it could have been a malfunction - but what a coincidental one.

Another time my Aunt's car was parked facing one that was the same model. So as a novelty I took a photograph. When the photo was developed there was a streak of orby light at the bottom - there was no strap in the way, no fingers over the lense or anything coming down the street at the time.

There is also wierd stuff at my parent's house and also stuff has happened at my Grandparents, where I actually saw a ghost coming towards me and heard the Whist Hounds.


Story sent in by Charlotte