Two weeks before my mum's aunt died, my dad got woken up in the middle of the night by this spirit in their bedroom (my dads a very deep sleeper). My dad said that the sprit appeared in the left corner of their bedroom.

He described it to me as wearing a long black cloak, with a stetson on its head, and no body features, it was just floating in the air. It walked up to my mum and just looked down at her stayed there for a minute or so then disappeared.

My mum woke up the next morning knowing that something was wrong, it was as though the spirit was sending a message to my mum, warning her that her aunt was going to die. We all call it our guardian angel. I have seen it once, my brother has also seen it once and my parents have seen it a number of times. I do have alot more true stories i could tell you but they would go on for ever!

There is one more i will share with you. My parents were out and so was my brother and I. I was at a party , my brother was at a friends and my parents were out having a meal. Our house cleaner had been this day to clean our house. Anyway when we all arrived home we all went to bed and i heard my mum say " OH MY GOD". I ran in their bedroom and their room was completely ruined, there were clothes everywhere, shoes thrown out the closet, money blown on the floor, and other items broken . It was as though it had been burgled. But there was no chance in that as we have 5 guard dogs , fencing and electric gates! All the windows were shut in their bedroom so they couldn't of caused this mess! What was it?

Story sent in by Natalie Collins