I was on the computer at home when I heard a door open downstairs, then someone walking. My cat became suspicious and went downstairs. He was crouched down low, then he disappeared around the stairs into the kitchen, out of my sight.

I then, went down two stairs with a large stick in my hand while the movement continuously went on. On the 2nd stair I made a creak by accident and I heard the footsteps begin to run towards me. I immediately ran into the computer room and locked the door.

After the footsteps were gone, I went back downstairs to find that all the doors locked. I went back upstairs into my room and locked the door. I called my mom who was in Atlantic City with her friend, who was also in the FBI, and they came over immediately. Her friend then told me that the same thing happened to him when he was 11. I later found my cat in the last place I would ever look to find him, all the way under my mom's bed and all the way in the back, scared to death.

When my mom's friend went home he said that he began to do some research, and it seems to happen to most teens that have someone who has died. So, it turns out that it could have been my grandmother came to visit, but who also nearly scared me to death.


Story sent in by Melissa