When I was 12 my family owned a black Labrador cross dog named Prince who was my close companion. He didn't get along with my mother, a very psychic woman, and one day bit her on the cheek. It was decided that Prince be put to sleep by the vet.

On the morning of the appointed day, Prince looked sadly into my eyes but I was powerless to prevent the action. For some days after he had died I heard his paw steps along the alley which ran between my house and the one next door. I was disturbed by this as I knew he was not at peace.

One afternoon I was standing playing our piano, the door nearby opened ( Prince had been able to jump up and open a door by pressing down on the handles), when I looked to see why, I saw Prince sitting there as he would had been if he was alive. He looked at me, walked by me and then disappeared from view as he got to the kitchen where my mother was. The paw steps stopped and I knew that Prince had passed over. I looked forward to meeting him again when I too pass over.


Story sent in by Christine Hedges