After my uncle died, my cousin and aunt said that things started to go bump in the night. One night when i had gone to stay over I heard somebody coming up the stairs, I heard the bedroom door open and looked over to the stairs to see who was there.

The footsteps came right up to the landing but nobody appeared. Both my aunt and cousin told me they had experienced, things going missing then re appearing again, my uncle was a bit of a joker always pulling pranks. Maybe he was still letting everybody know he was still there.

I was in the kitchen with my aunty, when we both heard foot steps going up the stairs, we both looked at each other and did not say a word, when they had stopped, I enquired, anybody else here, her reply was no just us, then it went like go you go up. I went up in the end but nobody was in any of the rooms. When my aunty came up.."well anything" . I hastily replied "no nobody". A blank look to each other was all that was done after that.

At that house I was in the garden playing football with my younger cousin, the next door neighbour had passed away a year or two before, but I saw him watching us from his garden, he was just standing there, watching us play. A white defined figure. I had spoken to and met him a few times from years before . It was definitely him!!!.


Story sent in by Mr Stone