We've only be living in our current house for a short time, but the amonut of what can only be described as paranormal activity has been unbelieveable. A lot of noises can be explained but some noises just can't be explained rationally.

There are a lot of us living under one roof, there's myself, my 17 year old sister, my 5 year old brother, my mum, my step dad and my boyfriend. For a few nights I could hear someone coming in at around 2am running up the stairs on to the landing then dead silence. I'd usually put it down to my brother or one of our pets.

Then one night I was talking to my boyfriend and when i mentioned it to him, he looked at me strange and said what i'd originallly thought. As we drifted off to sleep I heared the front door slammed shut. My boyfriend jolted up and said "who's that?". It couldn't be anyone for the simple fact it was 2.37am and everyone was in bed. The sounds of boots came stamping up the stairs, past my room and to the same spot it always sounded like and stopped dead.

Thinking it was an intruder, my boyfriend grabbed a cricket bat and walked slowly to the landing to catch the intruder out. He mouthed to me he could hear him breathing, as he opened the door he lifted the bat, only to stop dead at the sight of nothing. None of the doors were open and there was no more sounds, we both checked downstairs only to discover the front door was locked from the inside.

The next morning, my mother came up to me and asked "who came running in last night?". Forgetting all about it, I answered "nobody". She replied "funny that, being as heared the front door go, so who came in?" I kept saying, no-one came in but she honestly didn't believe because the noises had been so loud she was convinced it was a person.

Since then we've all individually heared something with the front door, many stories have come out that happened before that incident but we're never mentioned unitl then, such as the time when my step dad went to get chips from the the chip shop, and my mum was waiting downstairs and my sister was upstairs, my mum heared the front door open and close, and waited for my dad to walk in, but no one did. A few minutes later my sister came downstairs and said "where is he then?" My mum asked who, and my sister said "Martin (our step dad) with the chips, i heared him come in", but he didn't actually arrive home for another 20 minutes.

For the last 3 months we've had a new front door fitted in a different place in the house and nothing like that has happend since. However there's still so many strange things happening, like people hearing their names being shouted throughout the house when no one else is there. I myself was in the house alone with my brother once.

He is autistic and unable to speak properly let alone shout my name in a aggressive way. I was in my room, when right behind me i heared someone shout "Kate". Only two people call me Kate and that's my dad and my friend. It was so loud i jumped out of my skin. I turned around and there wasn't anyone there, so I checked everyroom in the house, but it was empty.

A team of us will be doing a proper investigation of the house in about 5 weeks time. If anything shows and I will let you know.


Story sent in by Katy Edmunds