I have always liked the idea of ghosts, but I had never truly believed until my Dad died in early 1990. My Dad helped with the weekly bingo game at the legion. He had a heart attack and he died in the parking lot of the legion.

I was always close to my Dad and would visit him at least every day; if not twice a day. He died very suddenly in January just as my family was about to move into a new house. I didn't find out until the next day. He left suddenly and I didn't get to say good-bye. 

My Dad always said that he would see our new house finished and be around to see all 13 grand kids married, he never got to see either. Well we moved into the house and lived there for 3 years with no incidence's, then my grandmother died and after that the footsteps started. I would be in bed late at night and hear someone walk around the kitchen for a while then walk down the hallway to the bedrooms. They would stop at each of the three bedrooms as if checking the rooms and then walk in to the closet and the steps disappears. This would happen at least once a night at 2:25am the same time my Nan died in the hospital, I know it is my Dad and Nan checking that we are safe and watching over us. Also if you are alone in the basement and no one is upstairs you can hear two people talking and walking around.

Even now you sometimes get the smell of something baking (Dad always loved our homemade treats) even if there is nothing baking in the house for days. When I asked my mother about the walking, she said she knew it was Dad because when I was born he told her that he would always take care of me always; mum knows for a fact that he will keep his promise. I do to.