Well I have a story to tell, it happened 15 years ago in Bangladesh. I was only 7 and lived in a village with my extended family. The village I live in was haunted. We were always warned not to leave the village.

My mum, uncles, aunties and granma would warn us not to go out of the village site during the mid-day as it is the hour of the evil spirit to wander around. One day my cousin and I came home from school. We decided to go for a swim as it was a very hot day.

We stopped by the lake where no one could see us, the only thing surrounded us was the banana tress. I was taking off my top and heard my cousin shout "stop it", I turned towards her and said "what did i do?" she told me, "im not talking to you, im talking to him". 

I looked around but there was no-one there. I thought it very funny and ignored her and went into the water. This time my cousin shouted out "leave me alone" and started 2 cry. I got out of the water and went to her. This time she was crying. As soon as she saw me she said "lets go, he wants 2 hurt us". I told her to stop it as I thought she was playing games with me.

Then I noticed my cousin was holding onto her elbow and I could see blood. I asked her what happened and she just said "he bit me", and sure enough there were sharp teeth mark. I said "did you bite your self?", but she just kept pointing towards one of the tree and said he got his dad to bite me.

At the same time I heard a mans laughter. It freaked me out. I grabbed my cousin and ran towards the village. Nearby the area where we were swimmimg, there was a cemetary.