Your Ghost Stories

This is a true story. I live in a old bungalow on a farm in Essex. I have been there for about 18 months. After I moved in strange things started happening around the house, and in a way I was quite excited about it all at first.

When I was 12 years old I went on a school trip to the Black Forest in Germany. The hostel we were staying at seemed relatively normal to begin with but each night we were more and more convinced that there was a ghostly presence.

In 1973 I stayed in a caravan on the Pegwell Bay caravan site, Ramsgate, Kent with my mum and 3 of my younger sisters. I was 14 years old at the time. After the first night there my mum became very uneasy but didn't tell us why.

The fifteenth century Moot Hall is believed to be plagued by a particularly noisy poltergeist. Dave Holdich's investiagtions have revealled shadowy figures, doors closing by themselves and loud rapping noises all witnessed by numerous people.

Spider web cottage was tiny, so small in fact, there was a danger of falling down the circular staircase should the sleeping occupant venture too far to the edge of the double bed which, after much manoeuvring, had been squeezed onto an undersized mezzanine floor.

I am an 18 year old male who lives in Belfast, Ireland. I have only just been able to pluck up the courage to share my experience, as quite frankly, the encounter one year ago and the events that occurred after it petrified me. 

When I was nine, I lived in a flat in Farnborough, England and used to ride with a few friends to an old abandoned WW2 military hospital, one mile away from my home. It was not a huge hospital, probably possessing only 10 to 15 rooms.

My Grandfather always used to tell us this story every Christmas after all the food was eaten and darkness crept in, the topic always came around to ghost stories. My grandparents had had their fair share of supernatural experiences.

Many years ago I was living with my girlfriend & her family in Brookhill Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham. I used to sleep in the front living room on the sofa. One summers night I was fast asleep, when I was woken suddenly by a very cold chill.

I have experienced lots of different types of paranormal activity, from voices, breathing, screaming, touching, pushing, cold sensations and visual appearances. But the One memory that stands out in my mind, is the story I call, 'Devil Eyes'.

I was working as a security officer in a disused nursing home in Blackburn, up untill that day I had never experienced anything paranormal, now my eyes have been opened. What I experienced scared me more than anything before in my life.

I've had various paranormal encounters of which my parents always laugh & tell me its my imagination. These past few months I have on a regular basis been woken from a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning by a ghost like figure by my bed.

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