I visited my brother in Dundee for Christmas and was staying at the Dundee Backpackers Hostel. This building is hundreds of years old. They have spent millions turning it into a first class hostel but it still has a creepy vibe about it.

Dundee Backpackers Hostel

I have stayed there many times and have never really felt uncomfortable whilst there. I arrived Christmas Eve in the morning and asked for my favourite room. It's only purpose is for over bookings so you're guaranteed to be on your own. There was no real need because the hostel at Christmas was empty. I only saw two people the entire time I was there. Even the management left for Christmas so I was virtually alone in the old building.

After returning from seeing my brother on Christmas day as soon as I entered the room I felt like I was being watched which I've never felt before in this hostel, it was a terrible feeling. I finished a bottle of wine and went to bed still on edge.

I found it hard to get to sleep, I still felt as though I was being watched and even got up to turn the light on to see if the smoke detector was actually a hidden CCTV camera (it was not, of course). I lay there on my bed falling in and out of sleep, mostly just laying there awake. On top of feeling an invasive watching, I had this feeling of despair come over me. I never felt so alone in my whole life. I slept all day during the 26th and had a really horrible nightmare of my father going insane and violently striking me even though he had never laid a hand on me his entire life.

I woke up very early on the morning of the 27th. About 3am I wandered around the hostel, I went into the games room and I heard a bumping sound and I joked to myself about "things which go bump in the night." It gave me a creepy feeling so I left the games room and I went into the kitchen and made a cup of tea.. I didn't have any food and I was really hungry. Eventually around 5:45 am. I wandered out onto the streets of Dundee hoping I would find a small shop where I could buy some food. I couldn't find any where open so I returned to the hostel after wandering the streets for a good while.

I entered my room and took of my coat and sat down in the seat next to the window and while relaxing and contemplating removing my shoes, I looked out of the window expecting to see the games room with all lights blazing. Instead I was peering into total abject blackness. All the lights were off and it was darker than darkness itself. Slightly confused at what I was seeing I tried refocussing my eyes and gazed around this darkness for a second or two. I spotted a soft fuzzy glow of light next to the where the vending machine would be and when I focused on it, I realized it was a human-like face and this face had two very horrible evil eyes gazing right into mine as though to say, "gotcha!!!".

The only way I could describe these eyes is if I were to say, imagine the most evil eyes you can and multiple it by ten. These eyes belonged to something truly wicked and cruel. All I could see was this head with no obvious source of light illuminating it. The face made a terrible vile grimace and those evil eyes never left mine.

I didn't feel fear, amazingly enough. I felt a state of shock and I'm still in it today. I did the strangest thing. I got my card key for the room and I went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea. Then I went back to my room and this feeling of horror started to come over me. It grew and grew and I could barely contain myself. I had already packed up all my things and was ready to leave. I put my coat on and made sure I had my passport and my wallet.

I took one final look out the window over to the games room and the lights were on and everything was back to normal. It's strange but before I left I folded the duvet on the bet and folded up the rental towel nice and neat. I left the card key on the table at reception and left the towel nice and neat on the counter. I left the Dundee backpackers feeling that I had just looked in the eyes of pure evil. Some sort of demonic humanoid entity is all I can think. I'll never stay at this hostel ever again. I'll just pay a few extra pounds and stay at a regular hotel the next time I'm visiting my brother in Dundee.

The thing that is difficult to deal with is that I can't get those eyes out of mind or the expression on it's face. I went to the Seagate bus station and when I walked in the door several people just gazed at me. All I can think is that they were staring at someone who had the look about them that they had just seen a ghost. As the days have passed now, I've considered going to go see a priest. I live in Glasgow and when I walk home at night every little bump and sound jars me and upsets me.


Story submitted by Grant Anderson