We were living in a council house 5 years ago which was on a fairly new estate and there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. This is what happened over a period of 4 months, and those 4 months were the longest and most frightening of my life!

For as long as I can remember the paranormal has fascinated me, I can remember when I was around 9 collecting clippings out of the newspaper about local ghosts, and one thing I wanted to do was to go to my local spiritualist church, but no-one would come with me, until one day i was dropping my son off at nursery and overheard 2 women talking in front of me that they were going to the church that night.

Being the type of person that will talk to anyone and makes friends easily I introduced myself and by the end of the conversation had made arrangements to meet them at the church that evening.

The medium was very good, but I soon began to 'drift off' thinking about the things I had to do when I went home as I had 3 toddlers and was 6 months pregnant. A few moments later I 'came around' to the fact that the medium was speaking to me. The message was that I was to go to the house with the welsh tiled floor and the open fire. I had no idea of such a house and dismissed it as the medium didn't know what she was talking about.

When we left the church one of the ladies I had gone with said "you will have to come to my house tomorrow,the house she has described is mine!" It turned out the lady was a medium as well and as soon as we dropped the children off the next day we went to her house for coffee. When we got there everything was fine, but as the afternoon went on the atmosphere seemed to change, and with that she took me on a tour of her house.

When we got to her bedroom I sat on the bed only to be poked in the back! There was only 3 of us in the room and they were nowhere near me! A few seconds later they ran out of the room exclaiming that they had heard something in her sons room, I stayed on the bed, and as soon as they had left the room, someone or something whispered in my ear! I still to this day don't know what it said all together as it was long sentences, but all I made out was the words "it will be alright".

When the other 2 women came back to the room they said they had heard what sounded like a cupboard being dragged across the floor..I didn't hear that but I did hear the whisper in my ear. We left after that to pick up the children from nursery.

Everything was fine until a few days later I had the distinct feeling that I was not alone, a feeling which was confirmed one night as I sat watching the TV. The children were in bed and had been sound asleep for around hours, when I heard a bang from the kitchen, I assumed it was my cat, until a few minutes later when every cupboard door along both walls was slammed shut! There was no-one else in the house..or so I thought! I was too afraid to look, so I went to bed!!

As you can imagine I didn't sleep much that night or for the next few months in fact! When I got up the atmosphere in the house was very different, but as the days went on there were things happening that were getting out of control. Firstly you were lucky to get through the living room door without it slamming shut in your face or behind you so hard that the walls would shake, then there was the shadows that I would catch now and again.

Their was the inexplicable very strong smell of old tobacco smoke even though I don't smoke, this seemed to follow me. Then when you were in bed at night someone would be flicking the door handle and pulling the shower switch on and off and then there was the stamping up and down the stairs at all hours of the morning, this was something I repeatedly apologized to my neighbour's for.

There was also the night the CD player decided to switch itself on and play a song from the middle of the CD at full volume. Then came the night that my eldest son woke screaming that he had seen someone staring at him with red eyes, that was the night I moved them all into my room, and myself and 3 children slept in my double bed for the next 4 months!

I avoided at all costs being alone in my house, and refused to stay up alone when the children went to bed so at 7pm every night we would all be in bed!I left every light on and the tv would be on all night in my room. I would sit up until the sun came up to make sure that my children were safe, then when it was light I would sleep until around am when they got up.

In July it was my daughters birthday, I was so down I decided that she should just have a few friends round for tea. When they were in the garden my sister and myself were sat talking in the kitchen when I watched a dark shadow walk right around my kitchen and stand in front of me and to the side of my sister. My sister is a teacher and is not one to jump to conclusions and calmly with a look of terror on her face asked "Its here, isn't it?".

A few seconds later her daughter, came running in from the garden to tell us that she had hurt herself, my sister told her calmly to come to her so she could see what she had done, at which point my niece exclaimed "Tell that to go away and I will", whilst pointing to where the shadow had been a few seconds before.

As the afternoon went on the children came inside and went upstairs to play. They had been there for around a half hour when again my niece had hurt herself. She stood at the top of the stairs and refused to come down, so I went to see what she had done, on climbing the stairs it was if I had walked into a wall! There was something stopping me getting near my niece, so I had to persuade her to come down to me which she could and did.

That evening I went to visit my parents along with my sister and our children. At around 9.30 PM I went home, my sister and niece came along as I didn't want to go alone. We left the children in the cars outside and went in. We walked in through the front door and switched on the light. The staircase was in front of the door and we both immediately looked up the stairs as sure enough there was the shadow only this time my sister could also see it.

We stood frozen to the spot and watched as it slowly made its way down the stairs, it disappeared about 4 steps down and re-appeared in front of us!, we backed out of the door as fast as humanly possible and got into the cars.

We stayed at my parents house that night and the next day rang a local priest who said he would help. That night he turned up at the door to find out what had been going on at my house. After a long talk about what he was going to do and some prayers to cleanse my parents house in case it had followed me (because it had followed me outside my house to the nursery)the priest left saying that he would pick me up in the morning to go to my house and clear it.

When he turned up the next day he had another priest with him saying "that he thought it was going to take more than just himself to clear it", he was a little shocked when I open the door in my pyjamas's held out the key and said that I would not be going with them. I gave them the address and said if I couldn't trust 2 priests with my key, who could I trust and that I would see them afterwards!

That was at 10 am, by 12.30 pm they came back looking exhausted. When I spoke to them they explained that first of all they couldn't open the front door and that it was if someone was leaning on the back of it. When they eventually got in they were met by the most evil atmosphere and whatever was in there did not appreciate them being there. They then started the process of clearing the house.....

They eventually went back to their car where they took off the cloaks they were wearing and tucked the crosses they had on inside their shirts. They returned to the house and they said that although you could still feel it wasn't happy with them being there it felt a little more bearable than a few moments before.

I thanked them both enormously and was assured by them both that if I needed them to return they would be more than happy. It took me almost a week to move back into my house,it sounds strange saying my house, as for the 4 months we endured whatever it was,not once did it feel like my house, it made me feel like a trespasser and that I shouldn't have been there.

This was one of the reasons I was so intent on moving back in, most people maybe wouldn't have wanted to but it was my house and I was claiming it back. I did a half hour of cleaning thstst day then sat for and hour and a half the next and that was how I plucked up the courage to go back.

I thought that I would never hear anything of it again until 2 years ago when my 14 yr old son confided in me that he had infact seen this ghost on 3 different occasions. The first time he had seen him leaning against the frame of the door with his arms and legs crossed just looking at him. The next time the shadow had woken him up by sitting cross-legged on his bedroom floor swaying and humming a tune. The last time was when he was woken by the sound of someone clicking their fingers when he sat up, the shadow was on the bottom of his bed, as soon as hacknowledgeded that he could see him hdisappeareded, and my son didn't see him again.

My Son say's that the shadow didn't frighten him and that he could see it as the silhouette of a man not just a shadow, and infact my son named him James!

After this incident I would regularly see and experience different things including having someone try to pull me out of bed and I sent a little boy to bed who I thought was my son that was standing by the side of me at 3am, until I realised he was spending the night at my parents!! After everything was over my son was born and even though he spent a few weeks in hospital because he was very ill he was and is indeed...."alright"!


Story written by Susan Lane