Last Halloween a group of teenagers got together for a Halloween party. By the middle of the night there was a house full of people, dancing and drinking. By the morning, dismembered body parts were discovered by police in the old cemetery.

Just before midnight one guy shut off the music, stood up on the table and said, "Do you people want to have some REAL fun?" Everybody all shouted, "YES!!". "OK", he said, "We'll all go to the old cemetery, just down the street from here. We'll stick a knife in someone's grave and we'll all sit there for about thirty minutes, and wait to see what happens." Most people said there was no way they were going to do that. Then one Goth girl stood up and spoke. She wore all black and said she wasn't scared." Everyone decided, they had to see this, so everyone got up and walked to the cemetery.

The Goth girl took out a six inch hunting knife and slammed it into a grave.... but this wasn't just any grave. She put the knife into the grave of a mass murderer, who had killed five people. Then the Goth girl said, "Better yet, I'll stay here for an hour. Who's brave enough to stay with me?" The rest of the crowd declined, and they walked back to the house and carried on with the party.

One hour later, at 1.00pm, they stopped the party again and walked back down to the cemetery. When they arrived the Goth girl wasn't there. They all thought she was either playing games or had gone home.

They started to walk back to the party when they heard the sound of twigs crackling in the leaves behind them. They all turned around to look but there was nothing there. They continued to walk on at a slightly quicker pace now. When they came to the cemetery's gate, they saw something running extremely fast pass the gate in front of them. They were all very scared now and gathered in a big circle.

There, next to the cemetery's gate, was the Goth girl, stabbed, with her torso ripped open by her very own six inch knife. Everyone started screaming and ran off in every direction.

The next morning a few concerned parents had called the police to say that their kids didn't come home last night. After numerous calls the police went up to the house where the party was held to see what happened.

Apart from a trashed house, there was no sign of anybody. After asking a few of the neighbours, they were told that most of the kids had been seen walking into the cemetery around midnight.

When the police arrived at the cemetery it was deserted. One officer then saw a note attached to the cemetery gate. It said, "They should never have entered my territory. All I wanted was peace and quiet. I'm already dead...but now they share my pain. Happy Halloween! "

The police looked everywhere, but found nothing. Finally, after a more detailed search, they found them. Well kind of. They started to discover body parts hidden all over the cemetery. First they found hearts, then legs, then heads. All of the kids had been cut into pieces. The only body left intact was the Goth girl, the only one who had been brave enough to plunge a knife into the grave on Halloween.