One of the world's busiest airports, Heathrow in England is not one of the first places you would think to look for ghosts. However, in recent years the airport has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

The oldest ghost at Heathrow is the spirit of legendary Highwayman Dick Turpin. Turpin was a popular highwayman during the 1730's in England. He robbed, stole livestock and murdered for more than twelve years before he was hung 1739. Turpin was popular with the poor folk because he focused upon robbing the wealthy and they enjoyed seeing the corrupt wealthy merchants get their comeuppance. In reality Turpin was a cruel man who reputedly set people on fire alive, raped and tortured female captives and once even dragged an old woman to death on her own horse.

Heathrow Airport, London, England

His death insured that his legend would live on, supposedly, he approached his gallows with a swagger and a smile. He bowed with courtly charm to the beautiful young women who had come to see him hung. He literally jumped from the ladder which supported him and hung himself. His bravado struck the common people and they quickly stole his body and buried it in quicklime so that it could not be given to the doctors to dissect.

Dick Turpin's ghost is usually seen in the main terminal wearing a tri-cornered hat, employees and flight crew have described feeling his presence behind them, many report feeling hot breath upon their necks or hearing a man barking and howling only to turn around and find no one there.

It is an unfortunate fact that most airports have had their tragic landings. In 1948 on a foggy night a DC3 Dakota plane from Belgian Airlines crashed while on approach to Runway 2-8-Right. It was a tragic accident from which no one survived. The rescue crew worked feverishly to pull the casualties from the twisted wreckage but they knew that there was no one left alive. As the men worked, a gentleman in a hat appeared in the fog and asked the workers if they had found his briefcase in the wreckage. He took the men by surprise and then just faded away as they stared at him. According to the workers, they later found the man's body in the wreckage.

Since that terrible night the man has been seen many times along the runway where he died back in 1948. According to witnesses he simply appears out of nowhere and walks along the runway as if searching for his briefcase still. Others say he appears confused or dazed as he wanders along.

In 1970, Police Inspector Leslie Alton received a report that radar had detected someone on the runway. Inspector Alton, who had worked at Heathrow for over 20 years, and his team hurried to the runway in squad cars and fire engines. Those in the radar office told him he should be able to see the man - they were right up on him. Then, they told the Inspector that they must have run over the man because he was behind them. They continued to search as the man continued to show up on radar, but look as they might, the Inspector and his crew could find no one on the runway. The search was eventually called off. Was it the businessman still looking for his briefcase?

The ghost of a businessman in a gray suit who seems harried and worried haunts one of the VIP Lounges in the airport. His ghost is said to simply materialize at odd moments before suddenly vanishing. A few people have claimed to see him from only the waist down.