Ghost Stories

From an early age, everyone is brought up with ghost stories and tales of the paranormal. Do you believe in ghosts? Everyone has their own view on the subject. A ghost story is defined as having supernatural or frightening elements, especially a story featuring ghosts or spirits of the dead. Often many ghost stories have evolved into urban legends over the years, some maybe purely fictional, others based on fact. However the intriguing nature of any good ghost story raises the question as to whether ghosts do really exist and drives our search for conclusive proof of the after life.

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Dundee Backpackers Hostel, Angus, Scotland 3721
The Legend of the Flying Dutchman 1938
Edinburgh Ghost Stories, Edinburgh, Scotland 2367
Hantu Raya, Prince of Ghosts, Thailand 2179
The Warehouse Ghost, Northampton, England 2203
The Shadow Haunting 1457
The Ghosts of the Trianon, Paris, France 2654
The Ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn 8401
The Shadow People 3665
The Screaming Waitress, London, England 2090
Resurrection Mary, Justice Illinois, America 1936
RAF West Raynham, Norfolk, England 3127
RMS Queen Mary, California, USA 2754
Poveglia Island, Near Venice, Italy 5282
Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia 1880
Pluckly Village, Kent, England 2478
The Lennox Haunting 1795
Observation Point Rock, Afghanistan 1450
Hitler's Ghost, Baveria, Germany 5490
Hellfire Caves, Buckinghamshire, England 4291
Heidi Wyrick, Georgia, USA 26589
Heathrow International Airport, London, England 4299
Halloween Story: The Cemetery Gates 2200
Ghost Towns of America, Tombstone, USA 2556
The Faces of Belmez, Cordoba, Spain 2044
Epping Forest Ghost Story, Epping Forest, England 2654
The Legend of Bloody Mary 3522
Beyond The Grave, by Troy Taylor 1807
Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsyvlania, USA 2055
Battle of Antietam, Maryland, USA 1463
Unit 731, Pingfang, Japan 2736
50 Berkeley Square, London, England 3236
Jack The Rippers Ghost, Westminster, England 2781
Jack the Ripper - Catherine Eddowes Ghost 2181
Jack the Ripper - Mary Ann Nichols Ghost 2847
Jack the Ripper - Annie Chapman's Ghost 2176
The 18th Century Ghost, Ohio, America 1622
Ashey Down, Isle of White 2379
Devil's Island, Nova Scotia, Canada 3260

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