Toys R Us Ghost Photo

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A local newspaper article tells the tale: "The children have left, and the din has subsided. Another hard day of shopping is history at the Sunnyvale, California, branch of Toys R Us. Yet there might be activity inside the vast, silent emporium this midnight, none of which has to do with the straightforward business of retailing".

Toys R Us Ghost Photo

Inside, it is said, that toys will topple from their shelves. A skateboard rolls down an aisle, banking aimlessly into walls. But nobody is in this Toys R Us at midnight, at least no one alive.

There are stories of objects flying 20 feet through the air and hitting employees. Shelves left neat in a locked store have been found in disarray the next morning. There is also a talking doll that cried mama over and over, but would only do so when put in a locked box. The incidents were taken seriously enough that management let a local psychic visit the store.

In the heart of high-tech Silicon Valley, could there really be such a thing as a haunted retail store? In the past few years, store management has tried to get to the bottom of several curious developments.

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