Ghost Photos

Everyone asks the same question, what happens to us after we die? In the search for conclusive proof of life after death, nothing can be better than a ghost caught on camera.


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The Phantom Helicopter Pilot, Yelverton, England 2570
American Civil War Ghost Photo 2173
The Haunted Bureau Ghost Photo 1576
Car Crash Ghost Photo, Location Unknown 2435
Wem Town Hall Ghost Photo, Shropshire, England 2763
Hampton Court Palace Ghost Photo, London, England 2165
The Monk's Ghost Photo at Borley Rectory 1680
The Husband Returns Ghost Photo 1638
St Mary's Church Ghost Photo, Northampton, England 1489
St Botolph's Church Ghost Photo, London, England 1422
St Bathans Ghost Photo, St Bathans, New Zealand 1154
Rathmullan Priory Ghost Photo 1795
The Kith Haven Ghost Photo, Michigan, USA 1311
Mrs Chinnery's Ghost Photo 2676
Lord Combermere's Ghost Photo, Cheshire, England 2614
Hull Aquarium Ghost Photo, Hull, England 4456
The Boothill Cemetery Ghost Photo, Arizona, USA 2431
The White House Ghost Photo, Washington, DC, USA 4144
Ghost Ship Sighting, Milnerton Beach, Cape Town 2605
The Corroboree Rock Spirit, Alice Springs, Australia 2706
Ghost in the Hall - Ghost Photo 2162
Freddy Jackson's Ghost Photo 2887
Edward Jenner Museum Ghost Photo, Gloucestershire, England 2348
Edinburgh Castle Ghost Photos, Edinburgh, Scotland 2253
The Chelsea Hotel, New York, USA 6024
Ghostly Boy Caught on Camera, Hull, England 4016
Decebal Hotel Ghost Photo, Baile Herculane, Romainia 3882
The Manilla Ghost Photo, Republic of the Philippines 4897
Abandoned House Ghost Photo, Missouri, USA 10099
Bright Orb, Bath, England 1523
St Paul's Cathedral Ghost Photo, London, England 2630
The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, England 2309
The Tulip Staircase Ghost Photo, Greenwich, England. 2665
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Ghost, Essex, England 2644
The Alton Towers Ghost Photo, Staffordshire, England 10566
Toys R Us Ghost Photo 4703
Newby Church Ghost Photo, North Yorkshire, England 3734

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